Archbishop Mannix SLV display

  • November 2012–November 2013
  • The Changing Face of Victoria
  • Dome Galleries (Level 5)
  • State Library Victoria
  • Swanston Street
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Australia

  • Curator: Christine Eid

Archbishop Mannix: an enduring leadership is a new display within the State Library Victoria's The Changing Face of Victoria permanent exhibition.

2013 marks the centenary of Daniel Mannix's arrival to Melbourne. The man who was to become Melbourne's longest serving Roman Catholic archbishop was an influential figure in public life.

Mannix was renowned for being a charismatic orator and was popular with the Catholic working classes. For 50 years he engaged with Melburnians through community work, education and politics.

He was archbishop during a time when Melburnians were faced with many challenges, including the two World Wars, the Great Depression, sectarianism and the fear of Communism.

Anti-conscription and Ireland's independence from British rule were among the many causes he became involved with, and he argued strongly for state-funded Catholic education.

Mannix was both praised and criticised during his leadership, and his contribution to Melbourne's Catholic community and the state endures to this day.