Locating History conference

  • 7–10 July 2008
  • Locating History
  • Australian Historical Association 14th Biennial National Conference
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Parkville, Melbourne
  • Australia

Who got these people into taxis? I got into the taxi because my brothers were in it. Then I started it and I saw there was a reasonable living in it and I thought all right I’ll do it ...... Then we got your uncle into it, then your dad got into it, your other uncle got into it …. and a lot of other drivers who worked for me I helped them to get a taxi licence.

— Elias Hanna, 2004

Christine Eid presents her paper 'The Hadchit in transit in Australia' (2008) at the Locating History conference at The University of Melbourne.

The paper explores the impact of village chain-migration and kinship networks on the Victorian taxi industry.

Presented by The University of Melbourne in association with ACU, Deakin, La Trobe and Monash Universities.